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The apple does not fall far from the tree, which in the case of the K2 Bad Apple skis would be their big brother the Shreditor. These powder skis are designed for the most aggressive groms on the hill, and are extra wide to keep the little guys afloat in the deep stuff. Camber underfoot allows for all-mountain crushing with a stable platform for laying down turns and the Powder Rocker lets the pint sized crowd kill it in the pow. Bite into one now.

POWDER ROCKER: Designed for unmatched flotation in deep snow. This tip has the most elevation and longest rocker and offers skiers a surfy feel with enhanced soft-snow performance. The camber still exists to ensure edgehold in firmer conditions.

POWDER TIP: Designed to be more predictable in soft snow conditions, these tips are designed to strike the perfect balance of maximizing float while reducing tip deflection. These tips are designed with a gentle arc and transition into the sidecut of the ski.

ASPEN/PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE: Lightweight and durable performance.

TRIAXIAL BRAIDING: Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to enhance torsional rigidity and add control. Developed in 1988 by K2 engineers, the patented triaxial braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled wood core. This unique method produces skis with great torsional strength while maintaining the lively flex patterns inherent in wood.

TWINTECH SIDEWALL: Twin Tip specific construction increases the durability of K2 sidewall skis. Traditional sidewall construction produces a 90 degree angle where the top material and sidewall meet. The TwinTech construction rolls the top material into the sidewall, reducing the topsheet angle and making the ski less prone to damage from your edges.

SWAP BASE: Made with inverse colours so that less material is wasted. Base colours may vary. 

DIMENSIONS: 128/100/122mm @ 139cm.


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